Nachhaltige Wertschöpfung ist unser Anliegen

It is important to us not only to create value, but also to preserve it.
With our work we do not only want to leave lasting benefits for our customers, but also for the environment. We are aware that the high mobility requirements of our profession as management consultants in particular pollute the environment through CO² emissions. However, we were able to offset our emissions by reforestation in different forest areas.

Calculate your own CO2 emissions with the Naturefund calculator.

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Further Commitment


In the Central Hesse region, we maintain three self-reforested forest areas that compensate for the CO² emissions of our consultants. However, we are currently concerned about the general drought of the last three summers, which has made the trees susceptible to the bark beetle and thus expresses the effects of global warming. It is becoming clear that the time has come to act and humanity must take responsibility for climate change. 20 trees offset the CO² emissions of a consultant - even if our team grows, the forest can compensate for the additional CO² emissions.


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