MeJuvante Academy

What is MeJuvante Academy?

Our success is largely determined by the knowledge and skills of our employees. We have therefore set up different learning platforms that prepare all of our consultants and examination candidates in a targeted manner for the acquisition of various certificates such as SAFe.
With our learning platforms, the exam candidates can learn how to work agile according to Scrum in theory and practice during the learning process. In addition to the SAFe learning platform mentioned above, we have set up learning platforms for  Scrum,
International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB)  
International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Projects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE2), Mulesoft and WHO-COVID19.

Get a sneak peek into the Mejuvante Academy Learning platform below and join us on an exciting journey of knowledge and growth!

  • Indian Business Culture training program that aids individuals in navigating the cultural norms and business prerequisites of conducting business in India.

    Mejuvante has developed a new training program that aids individuals in navigating the cultural norms and business prerequisites of conducting business in India. As businesses continue to expand globally, the need to understand the unique cultures and business practices of different countries has become increasingly important in particular, for those looking to operate in the Indo-European business world.

  • PRINCE 2 is one of the world's leading project management methods. The focus here is on processes and their scalability.

    Our PRINCE2 Foundation training program serves as an introduction to the effective project management method known as PRINCE2. By enrolling in this training, you will learn the fundamental principles of PRINCE2 and gain the necessary knowledge to obtain the PRINCE2 Foundation certification.

  • The Scrum framework provides a comprehensive understanding of the Product Owner's responsibilities, techniques for managing product backlogs, collaborating with stakeholders, and maximizing the value of your product.

    Our training is designed to prepare you for the Product Owner certification exams and equip you with the knowledge and skills to excel in your role. Join our training program to take the first step towards becoming a successful Scrum Product Owner.

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a cloud computing platform that offers a wide range of services such as data storage, computing power, and machine learning.

    With our GCP training, users can build, deploy, and scale applications, websites, and services on Google's infrastructure. The learning platform gives insight for various tools and services for developers, businesses, and data scientists to manage their data and infrastructure.

  • The International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) is a non-profit organization that provides a comprehensive certification scheme for requirements engineers.

    Our IREB certification program covers the core principles and best practices of requirements engineering, including requirements elicitation, analysis, specification, and validation. You can gain the necessary knowledge and skills to become a certified requirements engineer.

  • MuleSoft is a software company that provides a platform for building and integrating applications and services.

    Our MuleSoft learning platform enables developers to create APIs, connect applications and data sources, and automate business processes. With MuleSoft, businesses can build a connected ecosystem of applications and services that can communicate with each other seamlessly.

  • A Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a professional who is responsible for ensuring that an organization complies with data protection regulations.

    The DPO is responsible for monitoring data protection activities, advising on data protection issues, and acting as a point of contact for data subjects and regulatory authorities. By enrolling in a DPO training program, you can gain the necessary knowledge and skills to become a certified DPO.

  • Open AI is an artificial intelligence research organization that aims to create and promote friendly AI for the benefit of humanity.

    Our training program helps you gain insights on artificial intelligence and tools. By enrolling in an Open AI training program, you can gain the necessary knowledge and skills to build intelligent systems and applications.

  • The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), an international and non-profit certification body for software testers, enables the basic knowledge of testing to be certified with the ISTQB Foundation Level.

    We provide comprehensive knowledge on the testing principles, testing throughout the software development life cycle, static testing, test methodology and management, and testing tools, which will prepare you completely for the ISTQB foundation level exam.

  • The Scrum framework provides a framework for agile work. Initially designed for software development, the Scrum method has also conquered other areas over time.

    Acquire an understanding of the responsibilities of Scrum Master, Scrum Team and Product Owner through our Scrum training session. Our Scrum training program will equip you with the necessary knowledge to excel in the Scrum Master (PSM I) certification exams.

  • SAFe 5.0 enables complex organizations to use the agile working method according to Scrum - e.g. in the development of software and systems.

    During our SAFE training, attendees will comprehend the significance of attaining business agility to thrive in the digital era. They will acquire knowledge that can be applied to operate an efficient and nimble business, utilizing the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®).

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