We accompany and support you from project initiation to project completion. Whether in management consulting, process consulting or project management, we offer all consulting services and implementation measures from a single source:

Strategy and organization consulting

We advise you from the development of a strategy to its implementation.

Business process management

Process analysis and optimization of your business processes is one of our key concerns. We analyse and model your business processes to find potential for improving efficiency and assist in implementing the respective ventures.

Management of service providers

We analyse your existing service relationships with regard to risk and offer you a concept for structuring all your providers in the value chain. You thus strengthen the compliance of your contracts and ensure adherence with legal requirements. Doing so, you raise the performance of your service relationships.

Utilization of project management methods especially in case of sourcing und outsourcing projects

From the classic waterfall method to agile working according to Scrum - we move confidently in the application of all common project management methods.