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Make in India Initiative, India's Growing Private Space Sector

After the Chandrayaan-3 success, the Indian space industry anticipates significant growth. Historically dominated by the Indian Space Research…

India's Technology achievement is reaching the stars with wisdome!

Chandrayaan-3 Lands Successfully: India Takes a Walk on the Moon!

India is rocketing on new investors, as an alternative to China: Apple sets standards by partially relocating its production to India

Built for mass production: Foxconn factory in China for Apple products

76th Independence Day of India

The Legacy of Civil Disobedience: Its Influence on Modern Indian-European Interactions and the Role of European Managers

Risk Management in the Financial World: UBS Payment and the Role of PRINCE2 and OWASP

Million-dollar fine for UBS: The Consequences of Insufficient Risk Management Structures UBS, one of the world's leading investment banks and…

The Empowering Influence of Women at Leadership or Management Positions on Female Career Starters and restarters

The presence of women in leadership and management roles is crucial in today's competitive professional world. It not only promotes gender equality…

MeJuvante GmbH receives the renowned consultant seal of compamedia GmbH

Press release  23. 06 2023 TOP CONSULTANT determines the best consultants for small and medium-sized businesses Former Federal President Christian…

Invitation to Join the Consultancy Summit Live Stream | 23rd June | 18:30

Dear colleagues, clients, friends, and alumni of MeJuvante! We trust that you are doing well. We are pleased to announce that we are taking part in a…

MeJuvante: The management consultancy that supports German SMEs with their biggest challenges

MeJuvante, a leading management consultancy in Germany, specialises, among other things, in helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) overcome…

Press Release: MeJuvante highlights the benefits of offshoring to India at AWT23

MeJuvante is a leading Indo-German consultancy specialising in helping companies outsource their operations or offshoring to India. Our expertise is…