The CIO Views Magazine interviewed Timo on wide-ranging topics, including the bold strategies to build MeJuvante as a brand across Europe and expanding it at a global level by incorporating MeJuvante Private Limited in India; the company’s unique strategy driven by domain expertise, strategic, organizational, and IT initiatives; values-driven work culture, achieving set goals as a leader, his resilient response to COVID-19; contribution to environment and more. 

CEO must have a clear leadership attitude that can be spread throughout the organization for improving daily execution and reaching strategic goals. Timo, a risk-taking entrepreneur who challenges his own set goals once they are achieved, has all these traits.  

Timo is a contemporary CEO fostering a data-driven and fact based approach and not working on assumptions. Being featured in Top 10 Most Influential People in Leadership Consulting, 2022 is an indication to his ability to inspire those who want to start or change a business and take their steps towards great success. 

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Our CEO, Timo Traurig is awarded and featured among Top 10 Most Influential People in Leadership Consulting 2022

We are delighted to announce that Timo is awarded and featured among Top 10 Most Influential People in Leadership Consulting, 2022.


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