How do our platforms look like?

These platforms divide the learning material into small, easy-to-implement learning stages - the so-called iterations - according to the Scrum method. Different learning materials such as PowerPoint presentations, articles and videos are provided in the individual iterations to suit different learning types. In various work packages such as research, homework, learning units, quizlets and presentations to be created, it is important to deepen the knowledge you have learned.

We provide the candidate with an internal training partner - a mentor - at the side. Each iteration begins with a daily stand-up, in which the candidate discusses the beginning and the completed iteration with his or her mentor. Thus, the examinee has a fixed framework to address his questions or any difficulties that arise.

Stage gates represent a form of examination and ask about the learning success. If you pass, you end the iteration. Only when the examinee has passed the test according to the specification can he start the next iteration.

Here you can find an extract from our SAFe learning platform. The Daily Stand Ups that introduce the iteration are pink, in orange you can see the stage gates whose successful completion ends an iteration.
You will find links to the respective learning packages.