Into account economic, legal and technical aspects in the realization of your projects. 


Mejuvante - Your Bridge to India

We will find not only the right partner, but also provide you with our services with the knowledge, skills and onsite support for your long term success in India.


Potential Indien


  • One of the fastest growing economies in the world
  • Growing market (1.17 billion inhabitants; 2050: 1.5 billion inhabitants)
  • Consumption-oriented, growing middle class (about 50 million)
  • High economic growth despite financial crisis
  • West oriented legal system (Common Law)
  • FDI: Liberal, transparent, proactive
  • English as a common business and everyday language far
  • political stability
  • Low labor costs
  • Large pool of highly qualified technicians, scientists and managers (IITs, IIMs)
  • Well developed service sector
  • Special Economic Zones (SEZ)
  • Demand for infrastructure investment and knowledge



Mejuvante Shopping Services

We support you at your home location and on site.

Network, experience and competence specific to and in India.


Our services:

  • Bridging >> We find a suitable partner
  • Consulting >> Clarify specific issues
  • Training >> extensive preparation
  • On-Site Services >> Handling local control


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