Continuous change in all economic areas forces companies to adjust their strategy, processes and IT landscape. This means chances but also implies risks which can be efficiently managed through quick identification, detailed analysis and consistent implementation.


ThreePs is an output of our projects and serves as cornerstone of our advisory work which combines all dimensions of business, legal und system into one integrated methodological framework and crucial competence.


As a small but dynamic advisory company we are supporting our customers in conducting complicated projects. We develop strategies and assist with business process optimization. Our customers benefit from our competences and engagement.


Growing risk implies various changes for companies which require adjustment to new conditions. Such shifts can be customer, competition or government driven. We offer various solutions for risk management and control. Our experience also includes regulatory advisory for banks and financial services companies where regulatory risk plays a crucial role. 


We are aware of the importance of highly skilled and dedicated employees.  Well trained and reliable people are key success factor in every project in order to meet these requirements. We provide our customers with access to thousands of specialists.